Welcome to the Faculty of Management Sciences

This Faculty, being the largest faculty with approximately 5 000 students (39%),  is the natural choice for many students. Stimulating curricula are offered through the following academic departments: Human Resources Management, Business Management, Transport and Logistics Management, Office Management and Technology, and Hospitality and Tourism. The faculty emphasises the fact that teaching and learning must be student-centred, therefore creates pathways for individuals, public and private sector organisations to achieve both personal and societal goals by providing an environment that facilitates and values initiative and innovation. The programmes and courses have been designed to be responsive to the changing needs of the labour market and are geared to provide employers with a pool of skilled graduates. The Faculty is also involved in the provision of continuing education courses and consulting services through the Centre for Enterprise Development (CED). This latter approach enables the institution to make effective contribution to the up-skilling and re-training of employees through specifically designed and tailored industry programmes.

Message from the Dean

Dr Efigenia SementeIn order to enrich the learning process, the Faculty contributes to scholarship through applied research and instructional development, as well as provides students with the background necessary to pursue advanced studies in business and management related fields. The educational experience in the undergraduate and graduate levels is designed to provide students with the intellectual flexibility to be successful in a dynamic business environment.



  • Statement of Research Philosophy
  • When & How to Apply

    Read more on the general application process at the Namibia University of Science and Technology.

  • Yearbook 2021

    The Yearbook for the Faculty of Management Sciences is valid for 2021 only. Curricula and syllabi may be amended for 2022

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